Innovate The Pixar Way

The Pixar Way

How does one produce a creative and innovative workplace? It begins with establishing a culture where imagination—the very thing that kept us so interested in discovering and trying new things when we were young—is cherished and rewarded. At Pixar, employees are free to let loose their childlike “magic” and energy.

Very few organizations today maintain the balance between childlike dreamer and task-driven doer. When it comes to innovation, like Walt Disney, Pixar is an industry pacesetter. In this book, we reveal how Pixar has reawakened the creative and innovative spirit of Walt Disney. You will not only learn how leaders Ed Catmull and John Lasseter have given birth to a unique culture that is both innovative and profitable but also how you can create your own innovative playground.

Lucky for us, Walt Disney, Ed Catmull, and John Lasseter never lost that childlike innocence. They knew how to Dream, Believe, Dare, Do!


Dr. Ken Blanchard says: “…details how this playful organization provides a working environment that encourages imagination, inventiveness, and joyful collaboration. If you dream of creating a more positive climate in your company, this book might just make your dreams come true.”

Dr. Stephen Covey says: “This tremendous book brings the magic and genius of Pixar to the page and lets us in on the secrets and intuitive synergy of such a successful company.”

George Zimmer, CEO of Men’s Wearhouse says: “Dreaming like a child, having fun and nurturing creativity are all a part of the success of Men’s Wearhouse. This book is essential to managers who have lost sight of the importance of fun in the workplace. I guarantee it!”

Brian Walker, President and CEO of Herman Miller says: “Encouraging dreams, embracing risk, cultivating and empowering talented and collaborative teams, celebrating both achievement and failure—Capodagli and Jackson share these and other great hallmarks of innovation management through a compelling narrative of Pixar's successful culture. This insightful work is a great primer for leaders who are looking to unleash creative potential and instill a sense of joy and playfulness in their organizations."

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